Our Services


East Poplarville Veterinary Clinic offers the best of both worlds, an on-site pharmacy as well as an online pharmacy. The on-site pharmacy enables you to pick up your prescription before you go home without having to make an extra stop. You’ll have everything you need to start treating your pet right away and you won’t have to wait for your medicine to arrive by mail. If, however, you are not in immediate need of your pet’s prescription and you prefer to have deliveries made directly to your home, you may take advantage of our on-line pharmacy.

Regardless of whether you purchase your prescription on-site or online, you can be confident that our products are received straight from the manufacturer or authorized distributor, so the safety of our medicine is warranted. Since we receive our products directly, we are confident that they have been handled and stored properly at all times.

Either way you choose to order, you are purchasing your product directly from us.

We have your pet’s records on hand and are familiar with the patient’s medical history and information allowing for accurate dosage and prescription directions. After you get home, should you have any questions or concerns about directions or reactions to the medication, you can give us a call and we’ll be able to help you directly.