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Pets are like our children – we feed, nurture and lavish attention on them. We don’t want to leave them at home alone for extended periods of time, but sometimes we just can’t take them with us. When situations like this arise in your life; when you simply can’t be home for your pet, let East Poplarville Veterinary Clinic be your pet’s home away from home.

Our highly qualified kennel attendants provide tender loving care including brushing and cuddling, and dogs are walked multiple times daily. Our boarding facility offers a clean, safe, friendly environment for your favorite companion so that you won’t have to worry while you’re away.

Each pet that is left in our care will receive supervision from competent and compassionate staff members. All housing areas have safe separation, clean sleeping sections, and large exercise spaces. Pets will be provided with an appropriate diet, or if your companion has a special diet or medication, our experienced staff will administer what you provide according to instructions.

All boarded pets are required to be up to date on immunizations. Please check out our Boarding Policy with the link below, and you may fill out the Boarding Authorization form and bring it with you. This will save you time at check-in and make your departure easier on both you and your pet.

Call us today at (601) 795-4393 to book your reservation for your pet’s stay or if you have any questions about boarding.