About Us

Wendy, Office Manager

Wendy is a native of England and joined the practice in February 2018. She thoroughly enjoys all aspects of her work and is excited in her endeavors to restructure the everyday events and procedures at the practice. Having loved animals all her life she is fascinated to watch Dr. Harris at work.

Wendy owns a border collie called Chase and lives in Hattiesburg with her husband. She has 3 grown up children who all reside in the States. She is also a director / owner of Southern States Soccer in Hattiesburg.

In her spare time, she enjoys walking with Chase and is an avid fan of 90 Days Fiancée and all crime-based programs.

Sam Rhodes, Head Receptionist

Samantha joined the East Poplarville team in December of 2018. She started working at a veterinarian’s office in Mandeville, La in 2004 where she spent 11 years, until she moved back to Poplarville to be closer to family. She is currently working towards her Bachelors in Biological Science at the University of Southern Mississippi. She spends her day here helping clients provide the care needed for their pets.

Her pets consists of a Pit Bull named Hopper, three cats- Maggie, Mabel, and Mama Kitty, a pot-bellied big, and an assortment of cows, chickens, geese, ducks, guineas, and peacocks. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her 10-year-old son, fishing, riding 4 wheelers, being on the river, and spending time outside with her family. She is enjoying her time at East Poplarville Vet Clinic and the excitement and joy it brings.

Mechelle Naquin, Veterinary Technician

Mechelle is a passionate animal enthusiast who spent her life wanting to work in the animal medical field. She studied in Florida and received her one year degree as a veterinarian assistant in 2007 and has since had the chance to work with many different animals. After moving to Mississippi she found her calling at East Poplarville Veterinary Clinic and has been there for 3 years. In her spare time, she reads, writes, plays games, and spends time with her own pets.

Her fur (feather, and scale) family includes a loving shar-pei mix named Nahla, a rambunctious border collie named Yuna, a mischievous cat named Phoenix, a cuddly cat named Eclipse, several chickens, 3 quails, a crazy duck, an inquisitive rabbit named Bun-Bun, a cute leopard gecko named Geico, and a goofy blue and gold macaw named Maui. Her life has always been devoted to the well being of animals and strives to treat all of the pets she works with as extended family.

Ashlee Schrader, Veterinary Technician

Ashlee joined the team at east Poplarville Vet clinic in February 2018. Some of her responsibilities include assisting with surgeries, examinations, running bloodwork, and helping with x-rays. She is the Clinic’s dental specialist and is responsible for the glowing teeth of our patients. She is also called upon for farm visits with Doctor Harris.

At home she loves on her furbabies: a Boston Terrier named Puggy, a Yorkie named Atlanta, a kitty named Gadget, a Husky/Lab mix named Nova, and the newest addition, a French Bulldog named Sansa. In her off time, Ashlee loves to hang out with her husband and 4 daughters. They love going on adventures and when they are all together there is never a dull moment.

Jessika, Veterinary Assistant

Jessika joined the team in February 2018 as a Veterinary Assistant. She now works exclusively with the animals that come in to board and also the ones that require hospital care. She is also responsible for all grooming tasks. She relishes all aspects of the job and especially loves the chance to give extra love and snuggles to all the animals that come in.

Jessika is a Poplarville native with 3 grown up children and a wonderful husband. Together they have 25 chickens, 2 ducks, one Yorkshire sow and 2 dogs, a “blue nosed” pit-bull and a chocolate Labrador.

In her free time she enjoys riding her bike, walking her dogs and cooking up delicious meals.