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Hospice Care

Anyone who has ever had a pet has experienced joyous, unconditional love. There is also, however, a heartbreaking sense of loss when the end of life draws near. Unfortunately, no matter how well we love and care for our pets, their time with us is limited. At East Poplarville Veterinary Clinic, we have been there through the life of your beloved pet, and with our hospice and euthanasia service, we will also be there when your pet’s time draws to a close.

The hospice service at East Poplarville Veterinary Clinic provides care for terminally ill pets that still have a quality of life. Our compassionate veterinarian will determine your beloved pet’s overall condition, probable pain levels, and general ability to continue to enjoy life. Blood work will be performed in our clinic, vital signs will be monitored, and pain preventative medication will be administered as needed.

When our caring veterinarian determines it is time to let go of your pet companion, we will treat you both with compassion and dignity. Our clinic has medications specifically chosen by our veterinarian to allow your pet to pass without pain or suffering.

If you feel your pet may be nearing the end, please schedule an appointment to have them evaluated by our caring doctor. We are here to care for your pet regardless of their current age or condition.

Our services also extend to taking care of the remains of your beloved pet whether you choose to have them returned to you or not. We will follow the direction of each individual client regarding your pet’s remains.