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Think about how great you feel after you’ve had an invigorating shower massage or a relaxing, pampering bubble bath using a great smelling soap and your favorite shampoo. It’s great to feel squeaky clean isn’t it? Well think how happy your pet will be after a luxurious cleansing bath at East Poplarville Veterinary Clinic.

Not only will our bath treatment have your companion smelling good and racing around in cheerful circles, but your pet will receive health benefits from regular grooming as well. Tangled and matted hair is a constant irritating pull on the skin, creating a source for biting and scratching. Fleas and ticks can hide in matted hair, causing an even greater source of irritation. If your pet is bathed and brushed regularly, not only will you find fleas and ticks, but you may also find abnormal lumps or irritated areas indicating skin allergies or skin conditions. If scratching is a problem, our medicated shampoos contain soothing agents that stop the itching.

Other grooming services include nail trimming to help keep the nails short, ear cleaning and anal gland expression.

Call us today to set up an appointment and treat your pet to a luxurious bathing experience. You’ll both be glad you did.